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Public education plays a critical role in the health of our communities. Our students deserve a well-rounded education that encompasses not only the fundamentals of reading, language arts, math and science, but also art, music and physical activity. I also want to give greater attention to English Language Learners and special education, with an understanding that some students need additional attention to develop their skills.

“As the father of two, quality education is of utmost concern to me. I want to ensure the best learning environment for students, families, teachers and our community.”

I see value in neighborhood schools where every child has opportunities to thrive academically and be prepared for real life challenges. To that end, here are some of my priorities:


  • Closing Achievement Gaps
    • Reduce truancy
    • Increase graduation rates
    • Secure universal access to preschool
  • Responsible Stewardship of Public Dollars
    • Assure fiscal responsibility
    • Direct bond funding to facility improvements on all campuses
  • Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers and Instructors
    • Provide fair and competitive compensation
    • Hire skilled, responsive teachers, principals and district staff
  • Expanding Career Pathways
    • Expand Career Technical Education (CTE)
    • Prioritize early childhood education programs
    • Increase access to electives and enrichment programs across the district
    • Create a renewed emphasis on music and arts programs
  • Safe and Healthy Schools
    • Ensure safe learning environments for all students
    • Strive for campuses free of crime, violence, discrimination and bullying
    • Promote healthy eating and active living
    • Establish healthy nutrient-based standards for school meals